Lifeguarding is the perfect job to have during your high school years and even into college. Its a job that creates leadership skills, time management skills, and team building skills that will last a lifetime. It will teach and enable you to be a successful and productive individual in whatever your future profession may be. Plus, it's a backdrop for a host of friendships that you will have forever. Contact Charlotte Boswell if you have a son or daughter that is interested in lifeguarding.

Upcoming Class

Thursday, May 14 - 5:30pm-9pm
Friday, May 15 - 5:30pm-9pm
Saturday, May 16 - 9am-5pm
Sunday, May 17 - 9am-5pm

(all 4 days are needed for lifeguard certification)


Lifeguard Class $350.00

CPR Re-certification $65.00

Lifeguard Re-certification $200.00

ARC CPR Certification $86.00               

Lifeguard Class Registration
Starts Thursday, May 14th, 2020
River Oaks Pool