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Learning how to swim should be a fun, safe and a rewarding experience.  The Safewater Swim Lesson Program is our beginners program that will provide your child with swimming skills for a lifetime of healthy water activity.  





Our Safewater swim teams began in 1994 to serve the needs of developing swimmers in each subdivision who are ready to learn competitive swimming strokes and improve their overall skills. 


Each pool under contract with Safewater Management, Inc. may be reserved for swim parties. Reserving facilities and booking swim parties will be different for each subdivision as far as party rules and who to contact.


Lifeguarding is the perfect job to have during your high school years and even into college. It's a job that creates leadership skills, time management skills, and team building skills that will last a lifetime. 


Safewater Management, Inc. was formed in 1996 in order to provide quality aquatics management to recreational pools. Safewater is equipped to handle all of your aquatics needs, whether small or large. We hire, handle all payroll procedures and manage employees to lifeguard (the best summer job!), teach swim lessons, and coach swim teams in the Mandeville area. Safewater uses a reputable payroll agency to handle all payrolls. Safewater has Workman's Compensation coverage and an adequate Liability policy that covers all employees participating in swim programs. It is our goal to provide the most competent employees to work in an environment that is consistent year to year, well organized, healthy, safe and friendly. Our mission is to create job opportunities for students to develop lifelong leader-ship skills that will enable them to be successful and productive individuals in their selected professions. We stress that this leadership philosophy be practiced when employees are doing their jobs whether it's lifeguarding, teaching swim lessons, or coaching swim teams.

Safewater Management can provide quality lifeguard coverage to your pool. We can provide a plan that fits your needs. If the size of the pool allows, a lesson program and/or swim team can be organized. We will hire and pay lesson instructors and swim coaches, organize administrative needs, and provide the necessary items for programs to function safely and effectively. Our goal is to provide consistent quality and stress social development and teamwork. Above all, we want all participants to have FUN. Swim team and swim lesson costs will be made available to homeowners. There will be no increase to the management fees if these programs are organized by the Safewater Management, Inc.


swim team child

Charlotte Boswell

Owner/ Manager

(985) 237-9557

Thank you for contacting Safewater Management. We will respond as soon as possible.

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