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Safewater instructors are dedicated to the learning of your child. This dedication is woven into the culture of what Safewater is about.



Located in the Mandeville , Louisiana area, these swim lessons are at the height of convenience.


         Learning how to swim should be a fun, safe and a rewarding experience.  The Safewater Swim Lesson Program is our beginners program that will provide your child with swimming skills for a lifetime of healthy water activity.  We believe that children learn best in small group classes that can help them develop good listening skills, social interaction, respect, and learning how to overcome fears and obstacles.


       Our highly trained instructors are gentle, responsible, and understand the unique aspects of teaching children how to swim.  Each coach and instructor has demonstrated a true commitment to the success of your swimmer.  Our staff will help guide and push your children to grasp the life saving skills that we teach.  We give special attention to proper breathing, body position, and proper stroke technique.  We will allow your swimmer to travel through our swim series skill levels at their own pace.  We will teach your children through repetition, positive encouragement, fun, compassion and patience.


4 Lessons 30 minutes each
1 Student per instructor

Private lessons are available to all ages and swimming levels


4 Lessons 30 minutes each
2 Student per instructor

Semi-Private lessons are available to all ages and swimming levels



Up to 4 students per instructor - minimum of 3 kids for lessons to be taught.

This group dynamic gives children a small break between working with the instructors and helps them excel in an atmosphere where they can watch and copy others.

Groups are available for residents who want to form private groups.

*Group Lessons available at specific pools.
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