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Meet Connor!

" My name is Connor Shows. I’m currently studying to become a Registered Nurse. My journey through nursing school hasn’t been easy. There have been many obstacles that popped up every step of the way. Thankfully, I have been able to overcome each road block. The tenacity and work ethic needed to get through nursing school isn’t ingrained at birth. You have to learn how to work hard. You have to learn how to prevent anything from stopping you on your journey to achieve your goals. I learned this quality while working for Mrs. Charlotte Boswell at Safewater Management. I was one of the many lifeguards that passed through her office doors. I was no different from the other guards. At least that’s what I thought, then Mrs. Charlotte approached me because she saw something in me. Thus, she gradually groomed me to be a true leader. I become her head guard and then assistant manager. Through this position I learned many important life skills that have helped me to get to where I am today. After 6 years of working for one of the most kind-hearted and respectful women on the planet I retired to continue on my journey towards my future goals. If I had to pick out of all the skills I acquired through this job, it would be my ability to be tenacious and goal-oriented. Mrs. Charlotte helped me see the importance of having a goal and chasing it. Only hard work can breed success, and that’s what Safewater management taught me."

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