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Meet Molly!

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

" My family has known Charlotte and Safewater for many years through my brother, but I honestly never considered Safewater as a place where I could was my brother's thing, not mine. But thank goodness I was proven wrong! I worked for Safewater as a Swim Team Coach and a Lifegard. Coaching taught me so many unexpected skills and I loved seeing how excited the kids got to come to practice. It was such a fulfilling summer, I wish I could go back.

I had been a lifeguard at a different establishment before I came to Safewater, and all I can say is that my experience at Safewater was lightyears better than my past experience. The lifeguards at Safewater not only work together, but they are a true family. I met friends that I still meet up with today. It was amazing to work with a team that was willing to help each other out with guarding all the pools. I felt like those employeed at Safewater, not only wanted to do a great job but also wanted to have fun.

I look back at that summer and am so thankful I didn't just think Safewater was for my was an experience that left a memorable impression on me and am so thankful to Ms. Charlotte for giving me the opportunity." -Molly M.

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