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Meet Emily!

" My name is Emily Ernest and I have worked for Safewater Management for 4 years, but for Ms. Charlotte for 5. I have worked as a Swim Coach, Lifeguard, and a Swim Lesson Instructor. When I first started working for her, I was going into my senior year of high school. I am now about to graduate from Southeastern Louisiana University with a degree in Elementary Education. When I first started working for Ms. Charlotte, I was a beginning lifeguard. She then opened another door for me to be a swim coach at her Woodland’s location. I had a little bit of experience coaching, but I grew so much when I started working for her. She was patient and guided me to be the great coach I am today. She then allowed me to step into the leadership role as the head coach at the Woodland’s location. Since then, I have also become the head coach at the Sanctuary location and starting this year, her assistant manager. Through working for Ms. Charlotte, I have been able to grow into the teacher I am now today. From the opportunity of coaching for her, it has helped me reinforce the skills I need to be a teacher such as building those close relationships with students and being able to manage many different students at one time. Without Ms. Charlotte, I would not be the confident leader, let alone teacher, that I am today. I will be forever grateful for the opportunities she has given me, and I cannot wait for the many more years that I will be working for her. Love you Ms. Charlotte!"

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